Juncture, Exhibition of contemporary Iranian art in Colombo – Theertha Red Dot Gallery

Juncture Exhibition of contemporary Iranian art in Colombo

Exhibition of contemporary Iranian art in Colombo

Atefeh Khas●Azam Tabatabaei ●Javid Ramezani ●Marjan Habibian●Nasim Pirhadi●Negin Javaheri ●Omid Shayan

Curated by : Nasim Pirhadi

Opening :
Sunday, 15th July 2018
(۵:۰۰ PM _ 8 :00 PM )

Theertha Red Dot Gallery
۳۹/۴A, D.S Senanayake Road, Colombo 8 , Sri Lanka

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This exhibition seeks to address the matters which concern all of us, as we negotiate the contemporary world around us. It brings together distinct genres of art, exploring a collective of themes. It aims to engage discussions across boundaries, whether these are disciplinary, geographic, cultural, social or economic. Individual differences are apparent between artists. These series differ from one to another materially in scope and point of view, but in one respect they come together and want to exchange their opinions. In this exhibition, artists participate from two different generations and different places of life, but they all have roots in a single nationality. At this juncture artists share their experiences, which have taken quite different paths. A place to exchange ideas in different layers. Although artists come from Iranian culture, they are in their way recognizing other cultures. Some of the artists live in other countries such as Austria and Sri Lanka and try to present their point of views at this exhibition. The rich culture of Sri Lanka is a perfect base for the intersection of these paths. We hope that somehow this event, will contribute to a better understanding of the different cultures experiencing this exhibition.

Nasim Pirhadi 2018

5.Javid Ramezani. Couples no.1 after world war II. Silverprintliquid on canvas with brodier. 80x115 cm

1.Marjan Habibian. Etan mixed media on canvas 100x100cm2018 55x55
6.Omid Shayan. hope. Ink on paperboard. 21x29 cm. 2017 55x55
2.Negin Javaheri.Acrylic on canvas . 20x20 cm. 2018 55x55
4.Nasim Pirhadi Audience. Drawing paper. sound . 4min loop video. 300x300cm. 2018 55x55
3.Atefeh Khas.Hair series. Digital photography printed on silk paper and mixed media installation.2013 55x55

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