Subway: Good Cracks vs. Bad Cracks – The Unicorn

Good Cracks vs. Bad Cracks – The unicorn

To promote the Taco Sub, Subway Norway launched a set of innovative pre-roll ads for Youtube. The Taco sub is, thanks to the cracking noise from its nacho chips, the first sub ever to make an distinguished sound when you eat it. To better illustrate The Sub with a Sound, McCann Stockholm built a narrative around "Good cracks vs. Bad cracks." Good crack obviously being the nacho chips.

The three adverts, specially tailored for Youtube's True View format, all show a Taco Sub and other items getting crushed by the sheer power of the hydraulic press. The result? Not only does Subway tap in to the Youtube phenomena of hydraulic presses; they also show that, when done right, even a film about a sandwich can become truly unskippable. See for yourself.

Good Cracks vs. Bad Cracks – The unicorn

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