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Vision Electronics Print Ad - Fast Cooking

The product here was an induction cooker which is one of the fastest induction cookers in the market, if not the fastest.

To be creative with our approach, we thought it was best to play with the USP and relating it to anything that is known for speed. When it comes to speed, no other animal comes to mind rather than a Cheetah, the undisputed speed king. The cheetah is known to give an enormous output with very little energy, which related to the USP of the product. Given that it’s a cooker, we chose Khichdi (a form of mixed rice that is a popular local food), the ingredients of which, or rather the end product, would complement the color of a cheetah. And the visual of the cheetah leaping out of the pot referred to the cooker being so fast that the dish would be in your plate in no time.


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قبلی نمایشگاه گروهی پوستر «اعلانِ گفتگو» در کرج
بعدی فراخوان مسابقه عکس «سفر به خانه خدا»

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